Why Cold Press Juicer?  

Everyone loves juices; they are great source of energy, and can provide us with vitamins, iron and enzymes. There are many companies making juices and almost all of them claim that their juices are one hundred percent pure. Unfortunately, that is not true, you can never find out whether their claim is valid or not. The best way to ensure that your body gets the pure juice is to make one by yourself. Many people think that it is difficult and they will need to make new one every time but that is not true; you can store juice of fresh fruits and vegetables for up to four days, depending on the acidity of the fruit or vegetable.

Easiest way to make your fresh juice is by the help of juicer. There are mainly two types of juicers, which are mostly used: the cold press and a centrifuge juicer. The cold press juicers are far better than centrifuge one because of various reasons, which we will discuss.

The most important difference between these two types of blender is that, in centrifuge blender fast-spinning metals blade produces heat, which will destroy some of the nutrients of the fruit or vegetable. The heat also oxidizes those nutrients, providing with less nutritious juice. While on the other hand cold press juicer does not produce much heat because, first they crush and shred the fruit or vegetable. After that, they apply the pressure on the shredded fruit or vegetable with the help of a hydraulic press, resulting more nutritious and pure juice, because with the help of hydraulic press almost all of the juice is extracted from the fruit or vegetable. That is why, juices from the cold press juicers are tastier and healthier than centrifuge juicer. They ensure that you are getting one hundred percent juice from the fruit or vegetables. They are best for green vegetables as centrifugal juicers are not able to extract all the juice properly from the green vegetables, but cold press juicers can at this site.

The best part of having a cold press juicer is that you can make your favorite nutty milks for example almond and cashew milk. Cold press juicers can also extract all the juice from the pulp without any difficulty. They are more user friendly, easy to use and are very quiet. They do not make any loud noises like the centrifuge one. By the end of whole process of extracting juice, you will get a plenty of leftover dry pulp from the fruits and vegetables, which you can use, for composting.

With all these advantages, cold press juicers are the best option for extracting juice but they are more expensive than centrifuge juicer. If you are very cautious about your health and you can afford, than you must buy a cold press juicer. It is better to save money and buy a good quality cold press juicer rather than buying a centrifuge juicer, you will never regret this. They will provide you with the purest form of juice.

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